Unique Mobility picks up Breakthrough Dealer of the Year award

Unique Mobility have picked up the Sunrise Medical 'Breakthrough Dealer of the year award 2018'. 

Following an excellent year so far in 2018, Unique Mobility made leaps and bounds with their range of configured powerchairs as well as super lightweight manual wheelchairs - Sunrise Medical's Quickie products have been a key product range that Unique have driven into the market thanks to their excellent performance, reliability and innovation. 

Sean Taylow picks up award

Sean Taylor (Above, Right), one of Unique Mobility's product specialists picks up the award from Simon Collins (Above, Left),  during the Sunrise Medical Q-Series product launch. Sean says;

"It's an exciting time here at Unique Mobility and the team have put a lot of effort into the company re-brand, ensuring that we meet customer service expectations, introducing new product lines whilst maintaining product knowledge. Picking up the award is a real boost to the whole team who have experienced increased workloads since the re-brand, we are extremely grateful to be recognised for our efforts"

Launches from Sunrise Medical's Q-Series range include;

  • Q500 M, Q500 R and Q500 F - Previously the Salsa M2, Salsa R2 and The Salsa F. The new Q500 range will feature the luxury matt black styling with personalised colour accents and Sedeo seating system. 
  • Q700 M, Q700R and Q700F - Previously the Jive M2, Jive R2 and Jive F. The new Q700 again features the luxury matt black styling with personalised colour accents along with the Sedeo seating system. The Q700 features the patented SpiderTrac suspension system which out-performs many chairs on the market. 
  • Q700 Up F and Q700 Up M - The Q700 Up range is features the Sedeo Seating system with a standing function. This highly configurable chair will allow users to stand, lay flat or re-position at the touch of a button.

The Krypton super-lightweight Carbon Fibre manual wheelchair also made an appearance at the launch - with new features and a lower retail price starting from £3500

All of Sunrise Medical's new Q-Series chairs and their predecessors are available from Unique Mobility. For more information or for a demonstration, click here to get in touch. 

AMP Awards nominee's 

Unique Mobility have also been nominated in the AMP Awards for 2018. Sean Taylor has been nominated for 'Unsung Industry hero of the year', whilst the overall company has been nominated for 'Best Online Initiative'.

Voting for the AMP award can be found here and voting closes on 7th September 2018. 

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