The benefits of Active Height

Permobil Active Height

Think of the number of situations in which driving while fully elevated makes life easier and safer for individuals who use wheelchairs. Like crossing the street safely or navigating in crowded areas.

And what about preparing meals and taking medication, or being able to use the different heights of work surfaces at home, at work, restaurants…?

All of these are important aspects of daily life that can be made easier by driving elevated – we call it Active Height. It enables the user to drive at any level of elevation up to 5 km/h - with full suspension functionality – an important safety feature when crossing thresholds or driving on uneven ground.

Permobil Active Height

Many wheelchair users experience pain in their neck and shoulders from constantly having to look up at their environment. You've probably noticed that other people stand quite close to a person’s wheelchair which makes communicating even more of a chore, putting physical stress on the user by having to look up. Being able to move around at the height they desire reduces the need for users to look up all the time and can help to reduce pain in their neck and shoulders.

Permobil Active HeightMost, if not all, social interaction involves a large degree of eye-to-eye contact – being able to interpret our environment and the people in it depends a great deal on being able to see people’s gestures and facial expressions and at eye level it is actually easier to hear and more importantly, to be heard. 

We have the full range of Permobil powerchairs on offer here at Unique Mobility. 

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