Sean Taylor - Unsung Industry Hero of the year 2018

Sean Taylor - one of our Product specialists, has won the Unsung Industry Hero of the year 2018 during the Access and Mobility Professional awards 2018. 

AMP Unsung industry Hero of the year award 2018

The Unsung industry hero award was sponsored by Mark Bates Insurance Ltd with Sean picking up the award (Above, Left) from one of their representatives.  

Sean says;

"After more than 28 years experience within the industry, I am delighted to win this award! It's been quite a year for Unique Mobility and this is a huge morale boost for the team. Thank you to all of the sponsors and to AMP for hosting the event - I look forward to attending many more!" 

AMP Awards 2018  

This is the second award that Unique Mobility have won in 2018 - after winning the Sunrise Medical Breakthrough Dealer of the year 2018 back in Sepember. 

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