Smartlifter LC hoist

Weight Capacity: 80kg



The Smartlifer LC hoist from Autochair is a revolutionary new hoist that is making waves across the boot hoist market due to its ultra compact design

The Autochair SmartLifter LC Range has 2 lifting capacity options, 80kg and 100kg. Using the hoist is easy and the LC would be able to lift any boot transportable scooter on the market. Not only that, alternative lifting brackets could be supplied to lift products such as powered wheelchairs, suitcase scooters and manual wheelchairs

Why choose Unique Mobility? 

Unique Mobility have branches in; 

  • Launceston, Cornwall
  • Plymouth, Devon
  • Exeter, Devon

We can collect your vehicle, Install the hoist and in most instances, return back to you the very same day! Our popular delivery and collection service is included in the price for local customers. We are the only adaptations installers based in Plymouth, and the only installers based on the Marsh Barton industrial estate in Exeter.

Click the orange 'Contact-Us' button to take you to our contact page for more information. 

  • Simple, easy to use 4 button handset
  • Lifts all types of small scooters and wheelchairs
  • Over 300 vehicle specific kits
  • 80kg and 100kg lifting capacity
  • Low-profile, slimline design

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