Ki Mobility Rogue




The Rogue from Ki Mobility performs with high levels of responsiveness and rigidity. Precision handling and responsiveness can be felt with every turn, and every propulsion. Quality construction and finite adjustment ensures that it can fit your needs and ambitions. At 10.6lbs, the Rogue moves with you around every corner and across every street with minimal effort.

Strategically designed with oversized 1 3/8” 7000 series tubing, The Rogue is incredibly light, strong, and stiff... resulting in a super responsive rigid frame ride. An ultra lightweight ride with the aesthetics of a high performance custom design.

The ergonomic locking backrest can be actuated with one hand and allows you to leave your side guards on when folding the backrest, making transfers easier. The simple, modern design allows a recline position which opens your back angle up 6 degrees - This makes pressure relief, repositioning or simply getting dressed much easier.

The caster adjustment system gives perfect alignment for everyone at any seat angle. The modified rack and pinion gear is infinitely adjustable over any range and can be adjusted while the chair is occupied. It’s as simple as tightening and loosening a screw. It’s called RP Tuning - And only Rogue has it. 


Transport Weight

4.81kg / 10.6lbs

Seat Width

12" - 20" / 30cm - 51cm

Seat Depth

14" - 20" / 36cm - 51cm

Front Seat Height

13.5" - 20.5" / 34cm - 52cm

Rear Seat Height

12.5" - 20" / 32cm - 51cm


0 / 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 Degrees

Weight Capacity

125.7kg / 19.6 Stone 



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