R210 / R213 / R213+Lights



Available at Unique Mobility are the Lodgesons R210, R213 and the R213+Lights. All options use the same keypad but a reprogrammed control box will allow more or less functions. They are wireless remotes which allows you to operate the secondary controls of the vehicle with the touch of a button. there is no need to remove your hand from the steering device so you stay in full control of the vehicle. Each system allows you to control the basic options on the easy to use keypad including:


  • Indicators
  • Lights: Dipped, Main beam/ Flash
  • Hazards (most vehicles)
  • Horn
  • Front wipers - intermittens, low and high speed
  • Front washers
  • Illumination for night time use

R213 will add:

  • Rear wash and wipe

R213+Lights will add:

  • Sidelights on / off
  • Headlights on / off

This is a flexible kit which offers pretty much all functions of the vehicle in one place. Unique Mobility cover Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall and can install in our secure workshop in Plymouth.




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