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Unique Mobility are proud to offer the new Q500M! The Q500 M combines the very best drive base in its class with a brand new suspension system which gives maximum traction and comfort outdoors and a compact chassis for a tight turning circle which gives easy navigation indoors. The Q500 M is the perfect powerchair for those who want it all

The new QUICKIE Q500 M drive base balances excellent indoor manoeuvrability with outstanding outdoor performance and style. All of these combined with the benefits and comfort of the Sedeo Pro seating and advanced controls, creates the perfect powered wheelchair. The updated suspension system delivers a more responsive, firm and comfortable ride. You are able to personalise your Quickie Q500 M with a selection of 7 striking colours for an expressive, individual look. Or, if you are looking for a unique look - Sunrise Medical have their Built-4-Me team on hand. 

Ultra-reliable high torque 4-pole motors powering speeds of 6, 8, 10 or 13 kph and a choice of 60 or 80 Ah batteries to give a great range, you can travel in confidence with the Q500 M. 

Quickie Q500M

Turning on its own axis, intuitive driving and excellent manoeuvrability in tight compact spaces with its narrow 620 mm base. Also, easily sit under tables and access Wheelchair Adaptive Vehicles (WAVs) with a low seat height from just 415 mm.

A smooth and stable ride, even over rough terrain, with QUICKIE's patented all-wheel suspension - six independently suspended wheels absorb all those bumps. anti-pitch technology eliminates pitching on slopes, and with all your weight located directly above the drive wheel to maximise traction you've never been in a safer driving position. 

Sedeo Pro Seating

The SEDEO PRO seating system combines a highly adjustable and configurable seating frame with an wide choice of support options, a range of SEDEO PRO seat cushions and backrests for mild to medium clinical needs. The SEDEO PRO is very comfortable to use and enhances user independence in everyday life.

The SEDEO PRO frame offers great flexibility as it is fully adjustable. All adjustments are easy and can be quickly made with just one tool. Combining a highly adjustable and configurable seating frame with the broadest choice of support and positioning options, the SEDEO PRO seating system can be completely tailored to the individual. The flexible back cushion forms to your shape to deliver unique comfort and positioning. Add an anti-shear backrest (with 10 mm of anti-shear) to prevent sliding and combine this with a power elevating legrest to achieve a comfortable sleeping position. Choose from a range of SEDEO and WHITMYER headrests and add flip-back armests for easier transfers.

Seat Width: 380 - 560 mm
Seat Height: 415 - 490 mm
Seat Depth: 400 - 560 mm
Backrest Height: 440 - 560 mm
Overall Width: 610 - 620 mm
Overall Length: 1280 mm
Speed: 6 & 8 kph (standard), 10 & 13 kph (optional)
Battery Size: 60 Ah, 80 Ah (optional)
Max. Range: Max. 40 km (with 80 Ah batteries)
Back Recline: 90° to 150°
Turning Diameter: Max. 630 mm
Max. Safe Slope:
Max Kerb Climb: 100 mm
Electronics: VR2, R-Net
Min. Wheelchair Weight: 130 kg
Max. User Weight: 160 kg
Colours: 7 colours: red, blue, green, orange, white, black, silver



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