Ki Mobility Little Wave



Little Wave Paediatric wheelchair from Ki Mobility is a paediatric wheelchair that has the ability to change and grow with the user. 

Light, simple to use and easy to transport - the Little Wave offers a high performance, aluminium frame construction which helps to keep the wheelchair extremely rigid as well as making it as light as possible - making The Little wave easy to manoeuvre. 

The location of the wheels means that you can use all of your strength and leverage to maintain momentum and efficiency with every push. Other features and benefits of the Little Wave include; 

  • Centre of Gravity can be easily adjusted by 'Tower System', promoting growth and proper placement of the wheel base. 
  • Multi-Adjustable Flip-Up Footplate 
  • In-Frame width expansion to allow growth
  • Seat Dept adjustment of up to 3"
  • Height-Adjustable stroller handles for care takers
  • 5th Wheel for training and stability

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Transport Weight 4.90kg
Standard weight 7.6kg
Seat Width 10 - 16" / 25 - 41cm
Seat Depth 10 - 16" / 25 - 41cm
Front Seat Height 11.5 - 20.5" / 29 - 52cm
Rear Seat Height 11.5" - 20" / 29 - 51cm
Camber 0 / 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 Degrees
Tubing Size 1 3/8"
Weight Capacity 74.8kg

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