Quickie Life R



Unique Mobility are proud to present the 'LIFE R' active wheelchair by Sunrise Medical.


This lightweight QUICKIE LIFE R rigid wheelchair can cater for a number of needs and requirements for first-time active wheelchair users. The LIFE R utilises a long established design that is proven to provide a very robust rigid wheelchair that's energy efficient, weighs only 10.5kg and allows you to fine-tune your adjustments over time.

Seat Width: 340mm - 480mm (13-19") - (34cm - 48cm)
Seat Depth: 360mm – 500mm (14 - 20“) - (36cm - 50cm)
Front seat height: 390mm – 500mm (15 - 20“) - (39cm - 50cm)
Rear seat height: 360mm – 470mm (14 - 18“) - (36cm - 47cm)
Back height: 250mm – 500mm (10 - 18“) - (25cm - 50cm)
Total Width: SW + 200mm (8“) - (20cm)
Backrest Angle: -12° to +8°
Max. User Weight: 125 kg (19.70 stone)
Product Weight: from 10.7 kg
Frame Colours: 32 Colours


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