Ki Mobility Rogue XP




The Rogue XP Rigid, Open frame Active Wheelchair by Ki Mobility is available now at Unique Mobility. 

The Rogue XP is an exceptional performance chair which also allows you to express your own style through it's vast range of colour options on offer. You're free to choose your frame, accents, release cable and wheel colours, all to meet your style. 

With built-in growth, there's no need to compromise on fit - the Rogue XP allows maximum adjustment. With built in expanders, the Rogue XP can grow up to 3" in width and depending on the order specifications, can accommodate 3" of seat depth growth. The XP offers seat widths of 10" - 18" and seat depths of 10" - 20".

Integrated swing-away armrests move with the backrest when any adjustments are made. The system gives a streamlined look with an efficient adjustment system, as well as incorporating independent angle adjustment which lets you achieve ideal backrest and arm positioning. 

The Rogue XP is designed with advanced aluminium which provides a ultra-lightweight, durable solution - meeting the needs of young adults with an active lifestyle. It is the ideal combination of rigidity and reduced vibration dampening to give you an extremely responsive ride. 

An adjustable dynamic 5th wheel allows  you to adjust both the range and spring rate which gives you some peace of mind whilst learning to wheelie and maintaining your stability when riding. it is also removable when not required.

Transporting is easy with the Rogue XP as it incorporates a locking back mechanism, and once the wheels are removed is has a transport weight of just 5.2kg

Unique Mobility has showrooms in Plymouth and Launceston as well as representatives covering Exeter and Truro - this allows us to manage the whole of Devon and Cornwall easily. 

Transport Weight 5.2kg
Seat Width  10 - 18"
Seat Depth 10 - 20"
Front Seat Height 13.5" - 20.5"
Rear Seat Height 11.5" - 20"
Camber 0, 2, 4, 6, 8 Degrees
Weight Capacity 90.7kg

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