Permobil F5 Corpus




Unique Mobility are Devon and Cornwall's authorised dealer for Permobil products and are proud to offer the F5 Corpus.

The new and improved F5 Corpus is a powerful, stable front wheel drive powerchair and boasts the best seating system on the market (The Corpus seat). The seating system is designed to support the clinical, functional and lifestyle needs of all users no matter how active. The latest version of the Corpus offers five optional powered seat functions with the possibility of having a programmable anterior tilt as standard.

The F5 has been developed with ride comfort in mind with fine tuned suspension coupled with its powerful motors - this makes the F5 extremely stable with great performance, giving you a confident drive.

Alternative driving options are available as such as Chin-Control and Head-array or even separate controls for assistants / caregivers. The upper part of the backrest can be removed which will reduce the overall size of the powerchair and make it easy to transport.


New Permobil Colours

  1. Aqua
  2. Arctic
  3. Canary
  4. Chili
  5. Flamingo
  6. Midnight
  7. Sky
  8. Spring
  9. Sunset
  10. Violet
  11. Gold (premium)
  12. Platinum (premium)
  13. Bronze (premium)
  • Advanced driving and positioning controls
  • Fully independent 'Agile Suspension' 
  • A choice of 13 UV-Resistant, interchangable colours
  • Active Reach - Up to 30 Degrees forward tilt 
  • 350mm Seat Elevation
  • Crash tested  
Overall Length 1140mm /
Chassis Width
Maximum User Weight 136kg
Batteries 2 x 12v 73ah
Overall Weight 186kg
Maximum Range 25 - 35km



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