HH EquaZone

Size: Medium (17" x 17")



Unique Mobility are stockists of the Helping Hand Pressure Care range of products and are proud to offer the Equazone. 

The Equazone is a ready to issue air cushion with superb stability and no maintenance! 

Features include:

  • Equal distribution of pressure over extremely stable quadrants – whilst still being suspended on air – is what makes this cushion so unique
  • The cushion offers great pressure reduction with no need for set up. It’s the ready to go, quick to issue, barrier of defence that your clients need to reduce any further pressure issues
  • Over and above the outstanding performance of this easy to use cushion, you have the protection of medium risk foam if any of the air quadrants get damaged.  Fully welded seams to stop any air loss or fluid ingress but most of all it rolls up neatly when deflated so you can store lots in a small area.
  • Instant support for client's needs 
  • Reduces pressure under vulnerable areas
  • Stabilised by unique quadrants of air
  • No pump required 

17" x 17"

21" x 19"

Weight capacity 40 Stone


Case Study

Female stroke patient, 24 Stone, 66 Years old - North Midlands 

This client has used over ten cushions in the last few years since her stroke, between the Wheelchair Therapist and District Nursing Team they have been unable to find a solution that she finds comfortable as well as reducing the increased pressure on her right side due to her lean.

Several trials were carried out over a weekly basis on a gel cushion, static air cushion and the Equazone.  All cushions pressure mapped ok for the lady but the Equazone managed to significantly reduce the pressure under the lady’s right IT as well as provide her with the comfort she hadn’t felt for a few years. She is now happily using the Equazone on her wheelchair and armchair at home every day, there are no longer any signs of redness on her skin but most of all she is no longer in pain when sitting.

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