ELAP Carolift 6000/6900

Model: Carolift 6000


Unique Mobility are proud to present the Elap Carolift 6000/6900 as part of their car adaptation collection.


A telescopic wheelchair hoist with powered lift and swivel for loads up to 181 kg. The amazing off-set hoist arm allows the mobility device to be picked up from the side of the vehicle. This feature also enables installations in Estate wagons with sloping rear doors.

Key Features
  • Lifts up to 181 kg
  • Powered lifting and rotation
  • All motors fully programmable: speed, acceleration and deceleration
  • Fits almost all car models
  • Easy installation thanks to smart mounting base
  • One size fits all, no need to cut or work the lift
  • Adjustable height, rotation 360˚ and hoist head angle/length
  • Adjustable inner and outer rotation stop position
  • Optional quick release for foldable hoist head
  • EMC and crash test approved
  • CE-marked

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