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EasyStand Strapstand is a strap-style stander for adults from 5' up to 6'5" and weighing up to 159kg. The StrapStand lifts you directly from your wheelchair, bed or other seats into the standing position. 

The StrapStand can be used by many individuals including people who have suffered from a spinal cord injury or stroke, or those who have Multiple Sclerosis, traumatic brain injury and Spina Bifida among others. The StrapStand can accommodate individuals who are classed as obese and those who find transferring difficult. 

Standing frames such as the StrapStand can be used in various areas such as at home or work, in rehabilitation centres and hospitals and inside care units, nursing homes and group homes to name a few. 

There are many case studies that show the benefits of standing, a few reasons to use the StrapStand would be when individuals extensively use wheelchairs which causes hips and knees to tighten and as soon as possible after injury to maximise benefits.


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