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The EasyStand Evolv is the most versatile standing frame on the market and is available from Unique Mobility! The base unit has functions that suit many users, however at times when more support is required a wide range of positioning aids can be added to accommodate the most involved user

The Evolv enables full extension at the hops and knees for individuals with sufficient range of motion and complete weight-bearing on the long bones of the legs. For individuals with limited range of motion, sit to stand provides an opportunity to stand in a partial weight-bearing position and has the potential for individuals to progress to full extension over time.


The Evolv uses a three point system of padded knee pad, seat and chest pad, providing the individual with support in all positions from sitting to standing. Making the Evolv Safer.

For those that self-transfer – it is a quick process of a lateral transfer into the Evolv, flip the knee pad down and you’re ready to start standing. Making the Evolv Quick to use. For those that require assisted transfers, several options make this process easy such as swing away knee pads, removable backrests, transfer and swivel seats as well as elevated rear legs. This makes the Evolv more Flexible when patient lifts are needed.

The Evolv has critical areas padded which includes the knee pad, seat and the backrest all being well cushioned. Roho seat cushions and knee pads are optional for those with pressure management issues, making the Evolv Comfortable.

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