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The Aero T is TiLite's most advanced aluminium chair and is available from Unique Mobility. The dual-tube frame reduces weight while maximising performance. The Aero T incorporates full adjustability and TiFit for incredible comfort and support. 

It's rigid frame offers the benefit of being lightweight and efficient, rigid chairs use the fewest possible components and moving parts, eliminating movements within the frame and overall weight. 

Despite being lightweight, the Aero T offers Permobi's precision lock technology - an easy-to-use adjustment system ensuring an exact fit and an effortless ride. 

Unique Mobility are the South-Wests largest mobility dealer with the most comprehensive range of products - get in touch with our team if you would like an assessment or demonstration. 

Frame Type* Rigid
Frame Style* Dual-Tube
Frame Material* Aluminum 
TiFit Yes
Adjustability Full Adjustability
Growable No
Custom Configuration Yes
Frame Options SuperLite Edition 
Heavy Duty Frame 
Power Adaptable Frame 
Reinforced Frame
Transport Weight 12 lb.
Seat Width 12" - 20"
Seat Depth 12" - 20"
Front Seat Height 15" - 21"
Rear Seat Height 13" - 21"
Camber 0°, 2°, 4°, 6°, 8°, or 12°
Front Frame Angle 70°, 80°, 85°, or 90°
Footrest Width Options Standard Taper
V-Front End
Seat Back Type Folding Seat Back
Adj. Height 8.5" - 21"
Adj. Angle 80° - 101°
Centre of Gravity Adjustment 5"
Weight Limit Standard - 265 lb. 
Heavy Duty - 350 lb.
Transit Options


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