Breezy RubiX2

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Unique Mobility proudly presents to you, the Breezy RubiX2 Folding Wheelchair from Sunrise Medical.


The BREEZY RubiX2 is a standard manual wheelchair designed for individual user requirements. With adjustable back upholstery, adjustable seat depth and angle, angle adjustable footrests and comfort seating, the RubiX2 is able to match a wide range of user needs.


Standard padded or depth adjustable seat

Tension adjustable backrest upholstery

Height adjustable backrest: 41cm - 46cm (43cm Std)

Flip back removable depth & height adjustable arms

Seat height adjustable from 42.5cm to 50.5cm 6", 7" or 8" castors
12", 22" or 24" rear wheels

Angle and reversible footplates

Seat belt