Triride hand bike powered add-on fitted to customers own active wheelchair. In the background is a Unique Mobility branded van

Mark from our Exeter branch recently handed over this Triride powered hand bike which was fitted to our customer's existing wheelchair.

The Triride is a great addition to convert your active wheelchair into a powered vehicle for longer excursions and give you a boost over different terrains.

For this customer we spec'd the following:
- Flight Safe Battery for air travel
- Half twist throttle
- Tetraplegic hand screws - a modification to the mounting system to enable those with reduced hand dexterity to have independence when fitting and detaching the Triride from the wheelchair
- Eco Drive to increase battery range
- Intelligent Cruise Control to maintain a steady speed to compensate for inclines
- Intelligent braking system which is programmed to the weight of the chair and user and adjusted for braking sensitivity
-Left-hand hydraulic brake control

To find out more about this and other powered add-ons to upgrade your wheels, call us to speak to our helpful team of Product Specialists. 

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