Magic 360 Powerchair and WAV handover

We recently handed over this Magic 360 Powerchair along with a used-approved Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle to James based in Looe, Cornwall.

It was fantastic to see James taking to his new Magic 360 Powerchair like a duck to water! Due to a spinal injury James has been indoors for the past two years in Spinal Injury units and care homes and is now able to be back home with his family.

Following a detailed assessment of his needs, Tim and the team at Unique Mobility were able to specify a Magic 360 chair which will provide both manoeuvrability around the house and cope with the journey up and down the hill from West Looe to the harbour and back. Unique Mobility also supplied a WAV (wheelchair accessible vehicle) which will enable the family to get out and about further afield.

James was thrilled to use the lift function to get back up to eye-level for the first time since his injury and look at the fantastic view across the valley from his home. He said he can’t wait to be able to order a pint at the bar in his local again and is looking forward to trips to Siblyback Lake and Par Market.

His powerchair has been modified to use a ball joystick for greater control and has a lap tray fitted so he can use his tablet easily. During the handover Tim identified that James would benefit from additional lateral support on one side to correct James’ posture. James was also able to successfully drive around the house, down a series of ramps and into the WAV. The handover isn’t just about giving you your new product, it’s an essential part of the process to ensure everything is working smoothly for you and to give you a chance to test out and get to know how everything works.

James also has insurance and a three year service plan in place with us so our engineers can ensure the powerchair is in optimal condition and get him back on the move as quickly as possible if the need arises.

If you’re looking to enhance your independence with a powerchair we have options to suit every need. Whether getting around is your main priority, full recline and tilt to stretch out and relieve pressure or looking to get up to eye-level or stand, we have an extensive range of high-end and standard powerchairs from industry-leading manufacturers and can incorporate the latest assistive technologies in complex controls.

Give our friendly, specialist team a call today to discuss your unique requirements and arrange a free no-obligation assessment. We can’t wait to help you find your unique mobility solution!

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