Motion Composites Apex

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The Apex is a Lightweight, Active Wheelchair available in either Carbon Fibre or Aluminium. 

Motion Composites have developed the Apex with a Rigid frame to deliver an Ultra-Light design and increased efficiency, it is fully adjustable and colour options are available to add a splash of personality. 

The Carbon fibre version incorporates cutting edge technology to make the Apex ultra-light yet super strong and durable. Carbon Fibre has superior fatigue resistance, extreme temperature tolerances and also vibration dampening - so you can be sure that your Carbon Apex is going to last!

Motion Composites offer an Aluminium version, maintaining the same great rigidity and strength as well as super light technology but at a lower price-point. 

Built in bubble levels allow caster and camber adjustment quick and precise, changes to the chair can be made if the user evolves, such as simple adjustments in back angle, seat to floor height and seat width. 

Unique Mobility have showrooms in Plymouth and Launceston as well as representatives covering Exeter and Truro - Allowing us to cover the whole of Devon and Cornwall. Click here to get in touch. 

Seat Depth 12" - 20"
Seat Width 12" - 20"
Rear seat to floor 14" - 20"
Front seat to floor 14" - 20"
Back Height 9" - 21"
Back angle 70 - 110 Degrees
Wheel Camber 0 / 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 Degrees
Weight Limit 113kg
Overall Width