3 of the best Carbon Fibre Wheelchairs

Carbon Fibre - Super lightweight and extremely durable. No wonder high-end manufacturers are using it as the material of choice. Technology has advanced in recent years and now manufacturers are bringing their years of experience to the market with some seriously high quality products.

So, What is Carbon Fibre? Carbon Fibre is a polymer or sometimes known as graphite fibre. It is a very strong material that is also very lightweight. Carbon fibre is five times stronger than steel and is twice as stiff. Although carbon is stronger and stiffer than steel - it is also much lighter. making it the ideal manufacturing material for energy efficient wheelchairs.

With so many Carbon Fibre wheelchairs hitting the market, It can be time consuming trying to get demonstrations of each one - look no further! We've made this handy guide to help you with the products which we feel are the best around... to make it better, we keep these in stock or have demonstration products available with just a phone call, so you can try them all in one place.

Quickie Krypton

The Krypton is from Sunrise Medical's Quickie range of wheelchairs and is the latest Carbon chair to hit the market. 







Quickie Wheelchairs designed the first lightweight, adjustable wheelchair in the 1980s then they launched the 'Quickie 1'. Since then, they have been creating wheelchairs that are more energy efficient, lightweight and user friendly - they've incorporated their experience of creating wheelchairs along with their advancement in manufacturing techniques to deliver the Krypton. 






Sunrise Medical are introducing their range with bold colour accents which perfectly complement their smart chairs - You'll notice that their new powered wheelchair range such as the Salsa Q100 R is black with colour inserts. The Krypton has followed suit with it's 3 available colour accents, Blue, Orange or Red. You can also finish the Carbon frame in 4 options; Transparent Gloss, Transparent Matt, Black Gloss and Black Matt. 

The Krypton is available in either a rigid frame option (Krypton R) or a folding frame version (Krypton F). The Krypton R has a transportation weight of just 3.65kg - According to Sunrise Medical, the lightest adjustable wheelchair in the world. 

Full details of the Krypton can be found here and prices start from just £4750. 

Motion Composites APEX

 The Apex from Motion Composites is their Rigid active wheelchair and comes with a lightweight transport weight of just 4.2kg 

Motion Composites Apex

The apex is a fully configurable active wheelchair which is designed to meet the needs of just about every client - with seat depths ranging from 12" up to 20" and seat widths ranging from 12" to 20" as well as a seat to floor height from as low as 14" right through to 20". Motion Composites claim that the APEX is the lightest configured adjustable chair in the industry - fully configured weighing at just 7kg. 

APEX Colours

Colour options have not been overlooked, with a range of bold colours to meet your personality and style. We agree with Motion composites when they say that the APEX is aesthetically pleasing. Close up we can see that the attention to detail goes beyond the colour and into every component of the chair. 

Motion Composites Apex Adjustment

Adjusting the Apex needn't be a chore - the inbuilt spirit level (Bubble Level) ensures that any adjustments in castor, wheel camber or tyres can to be achieved quickly and precisely to keep the apex performing as it should. As well as laser etched markings which help adjust key components and with precise positioning. Adjustments in back angle, seat and floor height and adjustable rear wheel positions can all be achieved as well as seat width. 

Motion Composites - APEX The sport man from Motion Composites on Vimeo.


Full details of the APEX can be found here with prices starting at just £2850

Motion Composites Helio C2

The Helio C2 from Motion Composites is their lightweight folding Carbon Fibre wheelchair coming with a transport weight of just 5.4kg. 

Helio C2

The Helio C2 has been refined from the ground up - Motion composites have designed every single accessory, bolt and bracket with weight reduction in mind. The C2 has been designed with a symmetrical moulded crossbrace, oval shaped tubes and oversized pivot axles which all comes together to ensure frame rigidity and energy conversation. 

Helio C2 Colour Chart

As with their APEX - Motion composites have not scrimped on colour choices. With the C2, the whole frame is painted from a choice of 9 colours, or with the standard carbon fibre framework on display. 

The Helio C2's innovative frame design lets you achieve a incredibly low seat to floor height of just 13 1/2" with a 4" caster on a standard frame. The same frame can also go up to 21 1/4" seat to floor height. 

Motion Composites Helio C2 frame

The Helio C2 also comes in a Heavy Duty version! Motion Composites boasts that the Helio C2 HD is the 'Lightest heavy-duty wheelchair in the world!'. With a maximum weight capacity of up to 159kg and a seat width up to 22". They have managed all of this with just a 6-oz weight increase over the standard Helio C2 which comes in at just 5.4kg... Heavy duty without the HEAVY. 

Motion Composites - HELIO C2 On the train from Motion Composites on Vimeo.


Full details of the Helio C2 can be found here - Prices for the standard C2 start at just £2495 - the C2 HD starts at £2810. 

Unique Mobility offer free home demonstrations on all of these products, or - why not try them out in one of our assessment rooms. You can book an appointment by using our contact form, or by calling our Plymouth branch on 01752 546 222, or, our Launceston branch on 01566 774 030 

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